The Wrist and Hand Region

DL40: The Bones of the Hand

DL41: The Anatomical and Functional Wrist Joints

DL42: The Joints of the Hand

DL43: Extrinsic Muscles of the Wrist and Hand
The Extensors

DL43: Extrinsic Muscles of the Wrist and Hand
The Flexors

DL44: The Intrinsic Muscles of the Hand

DL45: Clinical Assessment of the Wrist and Hand

DL46: Injuries of the Wrist and Hand

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Gino qualified from the West Middlesex School of Physiotherapy in 1985, went on to gain his Masters degree from University College London in 1994 before embarking on his Phd at Kings College London in 1999. He was Director of the Brunel University Sports and Dance Injury Clinic where he also worked as a Senior Lecturer on the BSc Physiotherapy course. He is currently employed as a Senior Lecturer at St Mary's University College on the BSc Sport Rehabilitation and MSc Sport and exercise Rehabilitation and is regularly involved in lecturing at a number of universities and professional conferences to Physiotherapists, Surgeons and other healthcare professionals. He has been involved with the assessment and management of injured athletes of all levels, amateur, professional, national and international including Premiership football and rugby and has recently lectured to medics preparing for the 2012 Olympics.

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