Musculoskeletal Assessment

All our staff can provide accurate and comprehensive assessment and mangement of musculoskeletal and neural injuries.

Injury Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure. Our staff provide sports and occupational screens to ensure minimising risk and potential stress to joints and muscles during recreational, competitive and daily activities.

Functional Rehabilitation

The key to successful rehabilitation is a clear understadning of the demands of the individual – whether you are aiming to return to high level competitive sport, returning to work and activities of daily living, or getting ready for your first marathon or ski season, our staff will work closely with yourself, any coaches or member of the wider multidsciplinary team to ensure a successful and speedy recovery.

Tailored rehabilitation, from corrective exercise to ‘return to sport‘ programmes and running ‘re-education‘ – our staff will provide you with a manageable regime to ensure your returning to your full potential.

Biomechanical Analysis & Diagnostic Testing

Our staff are leaders in utilising some of the latest technology available in the examination of muscle and joint injuries.

Biomechanical video analysis of gait patterns, diagnositc ultrasound and functional movement screens form an integral part of our clinical assessment

Please wear appropriate clothing for all sessions in order to facilitate accurate examination of your injury